How to use

There’s no limit to the ways you can use the Creativity Tarot deck, and we’d rather not be too prescriptive about it. But if you need some ideas, here’s a quick guide.

  1. As a creative prompt.
    This is the obvious and easiest way to use the deck. Whenever you need a bit of inspiration or a mental change of gear, set aside 20-30 minutes, commit to following through on whatever comes up, and draw a card at random.
  2. For professional planning or goal-setting.
    Work within the card colours for a more focussed reading; the blue cards are to do with your personal goals, the yellow bring creative fun, and the white are more about staying motivated.
  3. As a traditional tarot.
    We’ll be doing some videos to guide you through some simple readings, but there are some great templates online already, of course. For a straightforward past, present, and future, try a simple three card spread. The Celtic Cross will give you a thorough reading. Our cards are a bit different to the classic decks, with a lot of new guides for the modern age – but they have their essence written on them, so, unlike other decks, there’s no need to consult a separate handbook.

    However you work with your cards, remember to focus on an open-ended (not yes/no) question. And have fun!

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